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18/12/2019 — Thank you for 2019!
I want to send out a warm thank you to all my clients. They know best, my passion and mission is to create valuable images of their projects - images they and I are proud to present. This year brought many interesting projects of different scale to my lens. Be it #artworks, #interiors, #construction sites, #historic places or places that soon might make history. All these projects have in common that they are located in and around #Berlin. I find it intriguing to be in the game to experience and document the development of my home city.
I am constantly developing the value I can bring to those I am working for and who love the style of my work. My clients understand the benefits of our fruitful and long lasting relationship. Coming together with new clients is a pleasure as well. Being invited to support great projects is one of the most wonderful experiences I have and the reason why I love my job. Let's stay curious together for what the future holds!

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