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22/04/2020 — EDGE Suedkreuz Berlin

Once a rather empty and structurally weak part the area around Berlin Südkreuz Station is now undergoing vast #urban development. The new district will be informed by a mix of residential and commercial real estate. In this context Dutch developer @edgetechnologies is adding an innovative #office building designed by renowned architects @tchobanvoss to the city’s urban landscape – #EDGESuedkreuzBerlin.

A distinctive feature to this project is its inner supporting structure which consists of hybrid prefabricated modules made of wood and concrete. Building that way has three major advantages: first it leads to a vast reduction of weight, then partly using a renewable resource such as #wood leads to a smaller overall carbon footprint in the building process and third, #construction time on site can be massively reduced.

I was assigned to document the building site the day the prefab elements were delivered and assembled.

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