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14/01/2021 — East Side Berlin

I have been documenting an area in Berlin known as #EastSide. It lies in the heart of the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg between Ostbahnhof, Warschauer Straße and the #river Spree.

Its initial #urban planning dates back to the early 1990s. After the German Reunification some parts of this huge strip of land was railroad property but most of it lay empty and devastated as a consequence of being but a buffer zone during the Cold War.

The #EastSide has since been undergoing massive urban redevelopment and we are now seeing the last plots in the area to be completed. I will be examining how it is going to connect to its neighboring quarters. How is it going to affect the urban fabric and even change the skyline? How will it be adopted by the population? Well, let's see!

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