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12/07/2023 — Apartement Hotel Zeppelin for Hemprich Tophof Architekten

In spring I was hired to photograph a new completed project for @HemprichTophofArchitekten. This time it was the #ApartmentHotel in Potsdam's Zeppelinstrasse. The urban environment at the train station Charlottenhof is mainly characterized by #historic residential buildings. The new building takes on a mediating urban function here. It formulates the entrance to Schillerplatz and at the same time closes the street space to Zeppelinstrasse. The design concept follows an independent image that picks up the predominant #brick in the facades of the neighboring buildings reinterpreting it in a new way. To the south, a sculpturally shaped #facade opens to a green yard.
Another exciting project in the best light!

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