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(Well-Arranged Chaos — photographs of becoming buildings)

Architecture is the art of building, but building itself is a sober, pragmatic process. In their early stages, construction sites are raw places. There is digging, pumping, shaking, drilling. A delicate blend of skill and force, dexterity and machine power lays the groundwork for finer trades. Then cladding, filling, plastering and painting take place. The complexity that dominates the construction process looks like a huge mess, but behind it lies an overlap of many different cycles and systems of order. Each trade works with its own logic and yet is part of a larger whole.

With this series I devote myself for once not to finished buildings in their young splendor, but to the interior of buildings in the making. From 2019 to 2022, I explored various construction sites. These visits made me marvel at the complex interplay of joint human force. Taking these photographs helped me understand the ideas and processes behind the act of building. 

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