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Berlin bald fertig

(Berlin soon to be finished)

"Berlin is damned forever to become and never to be" writes Karl Scheffler at the end of his classic 1910 portrait of the city "Berlin. Ein Stadtschicksal". – "Berlin is soon to be finished!" I dare to say. Vacant lot after vacant lot is being filled. Building ground is getting rare and an abundance of housing space has turned into scarcity. Interim use is slowly coming to a halt. And now that the new capital airport BER has gone into operation that statement might even be true. These are photos of Berlin construction sites I took within the past couple of years, current ones, finished ones and a few left in an uncertain state. They give evidence on a number of significant transformations the cityscape has been going through.

I dedicated a whole exhibition under the name Berlin bald fertig. The centerpiece was this stupendous multi perspective panorama. This polyptych consists of an overall 14 framed images that sum up to a length of 4.48 meters. The depicted street, the Bodestrasse, transversally cuts the Berlin #Museumsinsel bordering on the newbuilt James-Simon-Galerie, the Neues Museum and the colonnades framing the ensemble. In early 2020 I took the shutdown as an opportunity to produce this work. Seeing this usually rather populated place in town devoid of #humans - what an otherworldly experience!

Robert Herrmann
Exhibition at Atelier André Kirchner, Grunewaldstraße 15, 10823 Berlin
7 November – 19 December 2020

This catalogue was published in conjunction with the exhibition.
It comes in two →editions — a standard and a collector’s edition.
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