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19/06/2019 — KUNST[NEST

Berlin artist @FritzBalthaus is a renown artist who creates works which oscillate between images, sculpture and architecture. They are precise procedural experiments and often ironic interventions within the art world and its exhibiting conventions.
Fritz and I have been working together for a couple of years submitting ideas to open and invited art competitions. Starting with the concept phase we usually discuss an idea and my job is to then develop a convincing visualization for a competition entry. Here, we have our latest winning proposal realized and I recently went to photograph it.
KUNST[NEST is a public artwork located at @MaxDelbrückCentrum in #Berlin Buch. Its shape creates a high point inviting storks to breed there. The sculpture consists of materials and objects from its direct surroundings: a bunch of street lights seem randomly stacked onto each other and a pile of wood beams haphazardly lie on top referring to the facade elements of the nearby research facility which was planned by @heinlewischer. This approach makes a conscious reference to the principle of bricolage. It is expressed in what storks naturally do when building a nest – they implement all kinds of materials from their direct environment.

26/04/2019 — UP! Berlin

A giant concrete structure rises in the north of #Berlin Ostbahnhof. Erected in 1979 the building formerly housed the Centrum Warenhaus – the most important shopping centre in East Berlin. After the German Reunification it accommodated the chain store Kaufhof. It is currently being gutted and then converted into a new office and retail building. Designing architects @jasperarchitects developed quite an unorthodox concept: the cubic volume with its 80x80 meters footprint has parts of its concrete structure removed on all four sides. The block perforation is designed to optimize solar gain and to increase layout funcionality.
Regularly visiting the construction site from now on, I have been starting to document the conversion process of the project called UP! Berlin.

28/01/2019 — Printing it big

Collector’s delight: Haus der Statistik, Berlin from my series #urbanminutes
I had this 90 x 90 cm baryte print produced by @fotopioniere and framed in a 100 x 100 cm white maple @halberahmen with anti-glare glass.
This one went straight into a private collection. It is the first one in an edition of 2.

11/01/2019 — Warsaw Photo Days Catalogue

My conceptual photo series order has been published in the catalogue of the Warsaw Photo Days 2018. I am very proud to see the whole series in print. The Warsaw Photo Days is an annual photo festival organised by the Association of Polish Art Photographers. Its open competition provides a great opportunity to all visual artists.

03/01/2019 — Warsaw Photo Days Finalist

I am a finalist! My conceptual series order is showing in the scope of the Warsaw Photo Days 2018. The exhibition is still running until 11th January 2019 at Sinfonia Varsovia in Warsaw. I found the place is very much breathing the vibes of C/O Berlin’s old location – the Postfuhramt in Berlin.

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