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24/08/2021 — Panorama Bodestraße enters photographic collection of Stadtmuseum Berlin

This year the culture office of the Berlin Senate acquired the 14-piece panorama of #Bodestrasse, which I created during the first lockdown in 2020, and then permanently loaned it to @StadtmuseumBerlin. It was brought to the attention of Ines Hahn, curator of the museum's photographic collection, by @AndréKirchner who hosted my exhibition #BerlinBaldFertig. I am very thankful to both of them, since this is my first contribution to a significant major collection.

My work is now in exceptional company. The museum has an overall store of around 4.5 million artefacts related to the art, culture and history of the city. Major collections including photos, drawings, sculptures and paintings document the history of the city of Berlin – for example, in photographs of the city from the early 20th century. These treasures can be seen in permanent and special exhibitions.

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