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urban minutes

The first impression of a city can be complex, even chaotic. I like being surprised in this way because I find a lot of beauty in complexity. But the diverse cosmos of a city also holds orientable patterns. One, for example, is the human scale. It describes the relationship between the average human height and the built environment. In addition to buildings, it is the space between things, such as squares, streets, water edges, and intermediate spaces, forming the landscape that characterizes a city. The photographs I take are a tool for me to find out how pleasant or unpleasant a city feels to me. By means of exposure times of one minute, I create photographs of public places and urban spaces that are, in a sense, charged with time. A minute is far more than a moment; a person has to rest patiently for it to be depicted concretely. On the scale of a day, month, or even a year, however, a minute seems almost infinitesimal. In a minute, the sweep hand also completes one lap around the clock-face – a symbol of time and the transience of a life.

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